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Isca Road Flood Alleviation & Ebbw Slip

Ebbw Slip

  • The works involves the protection of 200m of the riverbank, which had slipped and was in danger of breaching the flood defence embankment.
  • Prior to commencing the river bank works a 100m length of the flood defence embankment was realigned away from the riverbank. A 2m high block-stone wall was constructed as a retaining structure, to support the embankment adjacent to a reen
  • All works were completed 3 weeks ahead of programme and within target cost.
  • The access road went through a SSSI and crossed several watercourses, mitigation measures such as silt fences were constructed to prevent silt run off.


  • A tidal area of the river Usk where erosion was threatening the stability of housing and infrastructure.
  • Re-grading and erosion protection to 800m of river bank. A 200m sheet piled flood defence wall and 300m of flood defence bund.
  • The river bank was re-graded to a 1:3.5 slope and covered with geo-textile and rip-rap stone which was typically 150mm to 600mm stone from the bed level to the mean high water spring level. All work on the riverbank was dictated by the tides.

Making tomorrow a better place

Value Engineering

  • Temporary roads were constructed from recycled materials


  • Temporary roads were constructed from recycled materials
  • Excavated material from river bank was remediated and utilised in flood bunds


  • Use of blockstone as a low carbon footprint alternative to concrete


Early Contractor Involvement


  • Extremely high tidal range and fast flowing river environment


  • Worked successfully with archaeologists to uncover and document archeologically important historic Roman Bridge at Isca Road

Whole Life Costs / Maintenance

Project Successes

  • Scheme was extremely popular with local community
  • Both contracts were completed a month in front of programme

Supply Chain

Unusual engineering techniques

Involvement of other consultants etc

Client Environment Agency
Contact: Tim Hopkins
Value Award Isca Road £ 2m
Award Ebbw Slip £ 0.5m
Role Principal Sub-Contractor
Principal Designer Environment Agency
Principal Contractor Carillion
Form of Contract NEC Option C
Contract Period Isca Road
July 2004 for 40 weeks
Ebbw Slip
Jan 2004 for 13 weeks

Project Photos